Never order from Bama Bandz!

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We ordered shaped rubber bands from this site and never received the product.We received an e-mail telling us the date it was supposedly shipped (and no tracking number), but still never got it even 2 weeks later.

Tried calling NUMEROUS times, either got a busy signal or a message that they would call back (never did). E-mails went un-returned for days; then every so often would receive a response like "we are looking into this". Finally had to open dispute through PayPal (only form of payment they would accept) and instead of receiving a response from them, they merely refunded our money. I feel they never intended to sell us the product.

I would never deal with this company again. They were SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

All we wanted was the product.All we got were headaches

Review about: Silly Bands.



Many customers and distributors had the same problem as Soannoyedcustomer.Numerous emails and phone calls for MONTHS went unanswered and neglected.

So it is a re-occuring thing BamaBandz does. It is too bad. When companies provide excellent customer service, their business succeeds tenfold and more and more people want to represent a GREAT company run by GREAT people. BamaBandz is NOT that.

It is run by people who can`t take care of their customers or reward their distributors.It is such a SCAM.


Sorry that you had a issue with our company.We ship all orders out same day payment received and deal with over 9000 retail stores.

Many customers purchase online and never have any problems. Emails and calls are answered always so I am not sure what happened here. Please contact our company on 866 422 7650, we would be only too pleased to ship the item(s) free as our customers are our lifeline.

Again, sorry for the issue you had.Bama Bandz/Customer Service Dept.

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